How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally

How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally – PE Bible Review

I’m going to admit it. I wasn’t satisfied with my penis size several months ago. We all know that frustration, well most of us. I went on a few dates with a girl I really liked and after our first sex date, she never called me again. I felt like my penis size wasn’t enough for her. This wasn’t the first time.

I have had a little below average size of 13.5-14 cm penis size (erect). I wanted at least 18 cm. I started searching online for several natural ways to increase penis size. I was obsessed. I have athletic body, my mind was thinking, I look and feel great, but why isn’t my penis a lit bit bigger and thicker?

Don’t feel frustrated! There is a solution!

Well, I’ve done my research thoroughly and finally decided to try the Penis Enlargement Bible, program with which I saw increase in penis size by 4 cm. I can control my erecting and ejaculation as well. I’ve experienced this progress only after 2 months. John Collins was my inspiration and I’ve read each part of the Penis Enlargement Bible. However, I did combine the Penis Enlargement Bible with two exercises I have mentioned below.

How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally - PE Bible


Before explaining why The Penis Enlargement Bible is the best way to increase your penis and why I decided to go with it, let’s see which are the other methods that you can also try, how you can measure your penis size and also how can you increase it. Don’t think that this was done easily. At the time I was doing the research I had no job, no dates and basically had a lot of free time. So, I took this as an assignment. An assignment to help others improve their penis size, which will also eventually boost the confidence and happiness. I knew I will publish my findings. Thus, bellow I will explain everything thoroughly. Note that the answer to the question “How to naturally increase penis size?” is never simple and easy. But, I will put in great amount of detail and make everything simple and easy to understand.

First let’s start with how you can measure it i.e which are the correct ways to measure your penis. Note that, many men make huge mistakes here. - Correct ways to measure Penis Length

Length in Flaccid State (How to Measure It?)

Flaccid state of the penis is when the penis is not erected i.e it is relaxed and there isn’t too much blood pumped into it. The size of the penis in flaccid states varies constantly, thus making it really hard to measure the real size in flaccid state. You’ve actually all noticed this. Sometimes your penis looks big, sometimes it looks really small (usually after your body was exposed to cold temperatures).

Flaccid Length: How To Measure Penis Size

Nevertheless, in order to measure it you need to be in standing position. Then, just pick up your penis, but don’t stretch it. Let it be in 90 degrees from your legs. With the one hand hold the penis, with the other hold the meter tape. Mark your size and write it down. It is great for your progress and just simply, to know where you at. Because, the size may vary, remember to measure it in a room that has normal temperature.

Girth in Flaccid State

The girth is maybe equally important compared to the length. Some women like penises with bigger girth and say that the length doesn’t matter as the girth. Thus, it is important to measure the girth as well and increase it. The first method of measuring is in flaccid state. All you need to is surround the measurement tape around your penis and see where the lines cross.  

Length in Erection State (How To Measure Your Penis While Erected?)

How to Measure penis Size - Erect Length

Erection state, or when your penis is fully erected, is when your penis is hard and you are aroused. This usually happens when you are ready to sexually interact either with your partner or masturbate. The measurement of the penis in this state is easier and more accurate. When fully and naturally erected, your penis size is almost always the same, which is not the case with the flaccid state. Put the tape of measuring aside and mark your length.

Girth in Erecting State

How to Measure Penis Size - Length in Erect Girth

While the penis is erected also measure the girth. I previously mentioned that sometimes the girth is even more important than the length. While your penis is erected, measure the girth surrounding the penis with the measurement tape. Keep the both sizes before you do anything else. Be real with yourself.

Different methods to increase the penis

Ok, we have determined the different penis sizes and possible states. Now, let’s talk about the means and is it possible to increase penis size? The great news is that it is possible, and I’m the witness of it.

Increasing the penis size is not rocket science as well. Depending on the result you want to achieve, permanent or current, there are various different ways, methods and exercises. First of all, there are certain exercises that help increase the penis, penis thickening and extending the penis, then there are various products and pills, devices of different types, such as pumps, and surgical intervention. Although, the Penis Enlargement Bible has proven as the most effective method, I will first mention few other methods.

Penis Enlargement Pills (Not Recommended)

The penis enlargement pills give mixed results, but can increase penis size. Although, quite logically, they help, only when you take them. They are not permanent. way for penis enlargement pills are definitely. The development of technology has made it possible these pills and tablets for penis enlargement to react fast and enable sustainable growth of the male sexual organ. Even though they are made from natural ingredients and from the highest quality plant extracts, these pills are expensive and are not a good solution on long-term.

They do increase the penis in a natural way and generally operate on the principle of stimulating and enhancing micro-circulation and speeding up and boosting blood flow to the penis. Additionally, they influence the growth of penis size, improve sexual desire and energy, potency, providing a longer erection or enhance the amount of ejaculation.

A large number of pills provides lasting growth of the penis up to five centimeters, even increasing the girth to two centimeters. For even better results, in addition to taking the pills, everyday exercises are advised. However, this pills are more of energy and potency enhancers, they rarely increase the penis size. So, be smart with the decision of buying them.

Devices for penis enlargement (Short Term, Not Recommended)

Yes, there are devices for penis enlargement, although they may not be effective for everyone. The most common devices for penis enlargement are the pumps and weights for elongation. The pump is cylindrical and operates when is slipped onto the penis. The pump sucks out the air, thus creates a vacuum around the penis, and pumping the blood in it. This is a short-term solution and is used to make the penis erected and slightly bigger than usual.

Under the pump, the penis remains erected and “inflated”. Then it is necessary to tighten narrow ring around the base of the penis to the blood would not be returned to the body. The ring is usually rubber, and it is placed on the pump opening. However, this provides only a short-term effect of the increase. And keeping the penis in this state longer than 20-30 minutes can cause damage.

Stretching weights on the other hand are more effective, but require amazing effort. This is done by wearing them when your penis is relaxed, or even to the testicles. But this type of exercise requires a major commitment, because you need to carry the weights over five hours a day, for more than six months. I have had such weights and I quit after a month because I saw no effects and started to feel discomfort.

Penis enlargement surgery (Possible Damages, Not Recommended)

Obviously I didn’t try this. It’s a major risk because you may become impotent or lose the normal feeling of arousal. But, I will inform you how the procedure usually goes. The surgical requirements vary depending on whether the men want to increase the girth or extend the length of the penis. If you want to extend it, this usually involves cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvis. These are the so-called suspension ligaments, which actually hide part of the penis inside the body.

So, cutting the ligaments will show most of the penis and make it visible from the outside. In fact, the hidden becomes visible, without inserting a filler material.

Another technique is the expansion of the penis using other parts of the body, like fat from other parts of the body. However, this is not advised mostly because of the irregular absorption, the penis may look wrinkled and furrowed. Silicone can be used, so it is considered that this operation may similar to the use of silicone into the breast, as well as transplant tissue as in many reconstructive surgeries.

Men who are diligent and persistent, will determine mainly for pills or exercises, which require time and patience, but they are effective. With the help of the device, such as a pump, the effects are quickly visible, but also short-term. Surgical intervention can be selected by those who play it safe, but also is a bit painful. They are faced with the fact that the increase can be enormous, but up to three or max four centimeters.

One thing I want to comment for these methods: they are RISKY and they may not help you at ALL!

As I said I tried all this and only the exercise can give you some sort of effect, depending how long you will commit. Because I was afraid from surgery and because the other solutions are short-term I used the Penis Enlargement Bible, followed the instructions closely and implemented the exercises that I will list below. I decided to implement all this because the “bible” offered me expertise and knowledge. It offered a more realistic approach and Dr. John Collins is a real doctor that promises real results! I’m going to reveal some of the basic exercises included in the Penis Enlargement Bible bellow. The sexual stamina is also included in the bible so there you will find lots of tricks of how to maintain your erection and last longer in bed.

Exercises for Penis Enlargement (Long Term, Effective, Recommended)

I’m still using some of the exercises I will mention here. They are effective. But, if a man decides to increase penis size by using exercises, he should know a few things.

Exercises for penis enlargement are based on the natural ability of the body to adapt to external influences. They should be dosed and made continuously in order to achieve the best results.

The routine is extremely important!

Men should also know that they must be patient, because the increase in of the sexual organ will not happen overnight, but if the exercises are implemented properly and you are disciplined, the results will follow. Most importantly, these exercises are simple and safe for the health, opposite to the pills who may have some side effects.

These exercises are like real training. You need to warm up and warming up the penis is achieved by twitching it in the towel, which previously have been soaked in warm water and drained. Then you need to wrap IT around the penis and also holds it three to five minutes. The heating will motivate the body to pump blood to the penis, or to the head of the penis to be exact.

After warming up the exercising can begin. They can be of two types. They may increase the length or the girth. I will explain them bellow. I implemented both techniques.

Exercises That Can Increase the Length and the Girth of the Penis

When it comes to exercises to increase the length of the penis, there are several types of exercises: the kegel exercises, the multi-stretching and circular stretching.

Kegels or PC Muscle Exercises

The kegel exercises are a must for every man. They are easy to implement and they can not only increase the size, but also improve the erection and prolong the ejaculation period, which is crucial for men. All you need to do contract and release your PC muscle. However, again the routine is important with this exercise as well. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it wherever you want.

There are different types of kegels. Many experts are saying that you should be consistent with the kegels as well and combine them. Thus, short kegels, 5 second kegels, 10 second kegels etc. need to be combined into a 5-10 minutes routine every day. Another great routine of kegels is where you start really slow with extremely light contractions. Then you increase the intensity slowly and make them stronger.

The kegels are great exercises for control and strength of ejaculation and they can have solid effects in increasing the penis size. They need to be combined with other exercises, because alone, they will only give you control of your erection and ejaculation, but will not offer significant increase in size. However, stamina is sometimes more important than the size, so don’t skip kegels!

The other types of exercises require involvement of hands and lubricants. These exercises are known as stretching exercises. They are known as more effective way to increase the length and the girth.

Stretching Exercises That Increase Penis Length

Stretching exercises that increase penis length

The exercises are done in that way that the penis is caught with two fingers just below the tip of the head (you simply form a ring and press it to the tip of the head) and is stretched forward, keeping it in that position four, five seconds. Then the stretching is repeated, but now to the right, then to the left and down, keeping it in the same number of seconds as the first time. So, pull the penis head fully to all sides and sizes. This is known as the twirl method.

The circular stretching exercise process is similar, except that the penis is rotated in the clockwise direction for no more than five seconds. After that, take a short break, and the same process is repeated about twenty times. What we must bear in mind while doing the exercises is that the penis must stay in flaccid state, and if there is any feel of discomfort or pain you should reduce the force, or stop the exercise. I’ve felt this kind of pain only few times, and yes, it is smarter to stop! Another important thing to note is that if the penis gets in erecting state, you need to stop as well! There are detailed tips in the Penis Enlargement Bible on how to use the right intensity.

Stretching Exercises That Increase Penis Girth

This was especially important for me because I wanted my penis to become thicker. I discovered two types of exercises for penis girth. These exercises use two different techniques called: “milking” or “jelging” with retention.

In these exercises you need to massage the penis until it reaches not full, but about seventy percent erection. Warm it up first, of course. The exercises will be easier if you use a lubricant or a body oil. The exercises are performed with one hand pointed to the head of the penis, with the fingers around it. The other hand should be glided from the pubic bone to the top of the head and back. So, you should form a rim and move the hand in the whole length of the penis while holding the head with the other hand. This process looks like milking. The exercise should be repeated with slow movements, somewhere around five minutes.

There is another “milking” method that is called dry milking or dry jelging. With it you don’t need to apply any kind of lotion or lubricant. This means that you don’t need to clean yourself after you perform the exercises and you’ll usually finish the whole process faster.

The process of jelging is basically the same for both methods.

You need to:

– Warm up your penis with the proper technique (this is somewhere around 5 minutes).

– Stretch the penis until it reaches 60-70% of erection (again do this in no longer than 5 minutes)

– To the jelg or milking (somewhere around 10 minutes)

– Warm down the penis (5 minutes).

Note that if broken capillaries, bruises, blisters or calluses start appearing to the penis, it is likely that the exercises are not done properly, and that you apply excessive force. Exercises should work if you are doing them with the right intensity and with the inevitable warm up process before and after exercise. To be real I have experiences few bruises several times. Simply, it is not possible to always guess the intensity and frequently you will be too strong. However, here is where the Penis Enlargement Bible has helped me a lot.

Penis Enlargement Routines, Effective Techniques, Tips

The “bible” consists tons of tips, routines, methods on how to do these exercises effectively. There are lots of tutorials online, but most of them are WRONG and are done by amateurs. This is a book that explains everything in detail with TESTED methods.

2 Step Method That Was Crucial for Me

Besides containing tons of useful info, the Penis Enlargement Bible is consisted from 2 simple methods that will enable the penis to grow i.e create the conditions for your penis to react faster and better to the exercises I mentioned earlier. This two-step method is crucial and after I implemented and started combining it with the exercises I mentioned above, I started seeing real results!

The logic behind the method is based on the bio chemicals that react with receptors in the penis which were put there so that during puberty your penis would grow. This is the first step, while the second step is making the enlargement happen faster by using the exercises we mentioned above (there are also other exercises included in the bible). It’s a combination of biology, expert advice and exercises.

I can guarantee an increase of at least 4 centimeters (somewhere below 2 inches) in just 1 or max 2 months! My result prior writing this review is somewhere near 2 inches. Which is incredible confidence boost! Anyone can achieve it!

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